About The Artist

In my research as an artist, the value of receiving a ring or watch from a passed loved one can become our most prized belonging. This idea has compelled me to create functional and wearable art. Working with sterling silver, copper, and found objects, I create designs that relate to my past, present, and future. From childhood, I was accustomed to viewing aerial documentation of farms, disaster imagery, maps, and the cities of Louisiana. As an adult, I have become interested in graffiti decorating the cities of New Orleans, Lake Charles, and Baton Rouge. I’m also interested in the architecture that has been slowly withered by floods and hurricanes. I found international inspiration from the graffiti in Salvador, Brazil, a location with many cultural similarities to Louisiana cities. All these components help define what home means and acknowledge the struggles of being a Louisiana resident.


Korey Burns is currently a full-time jewelry artist for a company in Long Island and works on her own designs at her studio in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated with a Masters in Fine Arts, concentrating in jewelry and metalsmithing techniques at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, TX. She received her Bachelor's of Fine Arts from Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, LA where she contrasted in sculptural designs. Korey is interested in pursuing a career as an instructor of her craft and as a studio artist. Born and raised in Grayson, Louisiana she has always felt a strong connection to the community and culture of Louisiana.  Which lead to further interests in human interaction and traditions in other countries. In 2016, Korey participated in a study abroad program that took place in Salvador, Brazil. Then another in 2017 where she traveled to Florence, Italy. She was able to discover different connections that related back to the history of Louisiana.