Growing up, I assisted with taking care of livestock. During that time we would hunt for calves after mother gave birth to confirm thier heath and safty. Now and then the signs for locating the calf would be fount in the sky. From vultures circling and gathering. Through enameling process, I recreated the idea of the vultures signalling that time is near. With the vultures circling the neck as a necklace it shows that time is fleating and death is unstoppable.

In 2021, I spent time in Utah drawing the rings and formations of the red rocks. My interest started with erosion and the powers of nature which led me back to time. Using a play foam, I began building my own layers based off a timeline. The colors create a more direct reposition of each era and each particle is a memory in that frame of time. Some lines are not complete or blend into the other and for me this is symbolic of memories becoming fuzzy or lost with the passage of time.

Designing with digital software - for fun I explore ideas of how to create my dog into characters.